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Covered walkways & carports

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Covered walkways & carports

Deck It can remove all the issues with building carports by taking care of the councils approvals and certification.  Roofing options include colorbond, galvanised and tiled finishes for freestanding or attached structures. Deck It also offers the full range of flat roofing (skillion), gable roofing and multi-level roofing.

Although we typically use steel post and beams for covered walkways and carports, we can also construct with hardwood, pine and powdercoated steel. Give us a call to discuss the aesthetic and structural benefits of these alternatives.

We use insulation products supplied by a quality and reputable insulation company, Higgins Insulation.  Insulation benefits are to add warmth in winter, coolness in summer, and to cut down outside noise. Insulation conserves our precious energy resources specifically for housing, renovation, patios, pergolas, covered walkways and carports.